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Dino-Lite USB and Video microscopes
CodeVision AVR Windows
development environment for the
Atmel AVR microcontroller family
Versatile Stands
Flexible microscope stands: MS-52B (clamp-on) and MS52BA2 (table-top)
Dino-Lite eyepiece cameras convert
bench top microscopes for easy
viewing and photography
Dino-Lite dual-light microscope with
switchable white and ultraviolet light
model AM4013T-FVW
Dino-Lite accessories: Flexible-arm stands
Dino-Lite Microscopes
See all Dino-Lite accessories
AM4116ZTL VGA-out microscope
(direct to monitor)
BL-ZW1 polarized backlight
USB powered
Dino-Lite Premier models
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