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Recommended Books
The C Programming Language, Second Edition
The C Programming Language
Kernighan and Ritchie
ISBN 0-13-110362-8

- concise, readable, and relevant despite its age.
Michael Barr
ISBN 978-0596009830

- a good starting point and reference for embedded
systems topics.
Datasheets (PDF format)
Suggested Links
Embedded Systems and C programming
These links are recommendations for anyone wanting to learn
more about electronics design and embedded systems.
AVR Freaks - Various forums, datasheets and information on Atmel AVR
devices, tools, software and related equipment
Atmel products  includes informative datasheets for AVR
microcontrollers and many other devices
Microchip products  includes datasheets for microcontrollers and a
variety of other devices
Xilinx  programmable logic and development tools for high-power
designs (literally and figuratively)
Analog Devices  includes informative datasheets for many amplifiers
and converters
Texas Instruments  a wide variety of digital and analog devices, interface,
conversion and others
Digi-Key - Sales for a myriad of electronics-related equiqment with an
excellent datasheet repository.  Fast delivery of small quantities ($).
Embedded C Programming and the Atmel AVR
Richard H. Barnett, Sarah Cox, and Larry O'Cull
ISBN 978-1418039592

- covers many aspects of AVR design with good C and
assembler explanations.