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Dino-Lite USB microscope accessories can be viewed using this link.
Dino-Lite Portable Microscopes
Dino-Lite portable microscopes are available with various features and different colours.  All of
the microscopes include Dino-Capture software for capture of still images, video (AVI format),
and time-lapse video.  Dino-Lite mircoscopes work with Microsoft Windows operating systems
and most Mac OS systems (see the compatibility table).
The AD4113TL has adjustable magnification of 10-92X (135X with
digital zoom) with high-resolution (1280x1024) and calibrated
measurement (Windows only).  The AD4113TL has the enhanced
working distance (EWD) feature, giving  magnification at greater
distances than normal (up to 14.4cm (5.7") from an object.  This
microscope has interchangeable nozzles.  It includes a regular
open nozzle and a protective sealed nozzle.  An optional
right-angle view nozzle (MSFCMA1) is available.
659 CAD
The AM4113ZT has adjustable magnification of 10-50X and 200X with
high-resolution (1280x1024), micro-touch trigger, and calibrated
measurement (Windows only).  It also has the adjustable polarizer
feature that helps to reduce glare when viewing reflective
$679 CAD
Here are some sample images:
without polarizer
with polarizer
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The AD3713TL has a high refresh rate (60fps) for
the best possible performance in situations where
hand-to-eye interaction is needed in the viewing
area.  It is compatible with the UVC (USB video
class) standard.
$599 CAD