The LogicPort is shipped with a 34-channel probe and USB cable as shown.
The Interface software (shown below) can be downloaded from the
following link:
XKM type grabbers by EZ-Hook
Colour: black
Grabbers are useful for in-circuit
connections (when no header posts are
Price (each): $3.50 CAD
34-channel probe
allows quick setup
LogicPort accessories
The LogicPort software has a demo mode with simulated Logic Analyzer projects.  It can be
downloaded and installed on your PC to get the feel of working with the LogicPort.
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The LogicPort is a high-performance Logic Analyzer at a reasonable price.  Features include:

  • high-speed sampling
  • an intuitive and responsive user interface
  • sophisticated triggers with straightforward set-up
  • real-time sample compression
  • interpreters for I2C, SPI, RS232, and CAN
Price: $69 CAD
Enter Desired Quantity: 
Price: $511 CAD
The LogicPort is temporarily out of stock.